Our Livestock

We produce some of England's best pork from rare breed free-range English pigs. All our animals live a happy life in an environment which allows them to develop their full flavour potential in 6-8 months. The pork they produce is amongst the best tasting in UK and is a world apart from the mass produced water producing product most of us have bought from supermarkets at some stage.
EU Regulations require all animals destined for public consumption to be slaughtered and health marked in a licensed abattoir.   The Gurkha Curry Company complies with this legislation in full but undertakes to produce your meat as quickly as possible to ensure you received the freshest pork in the shortest possible time (typically 24-36 hours after slaughter).

If you like what you have read so far and would like one our unique pigs ordering couldn’t be easier, simply:

• Contact us to confirm your requirements
• Pay a deposit to safeguard your investment
• Allow us to feed, administer, health-check and transport your pig or pigs
• Pay the balance and collect your pork