Our Curries

We offer Gurkha curries and starters (tipan tapan) prepared and cooked exclusively by chefs who have earned the right to call themselves Gurkhas.
Using traditional recipes and techniques honed over generations we use the freshest ingredients, herbs & spices to create chicken, pork and vegetable curries characterised by their delicate flavour and unique texture which have evolved over decades into Gurkha favourites world-wide.

All our dishes are cooked locally then frozen immediately to preserve their flavour and texture before being stored on-site under the most stringent conditions. We guarantee their integrity and undertake to present them to you as we would expect them to be presented to us.
For customers planning to use our dishes to entertain 20 guests or more locally we would like to deliver your order to you to ensure it arrives in the best possible condition. Customers planning a more intimate gathering are invited to visit our kitchen to enjoy a cup of coffee and a chance to discuss our curries, our people and Nepal and to leave with their orders professionally wrapped and secured. Whatever your requirements please contact us.